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Bidcon – A big help for small companies

Kenneth Stenlund Byggmix Skellefteå

Even really small companies in the building industry derive great benefit from the Bidcon calculation program. And it is not only the tendering function that makes the work of small companies easier.
“I often print out material specs so that the guys can check off what they need right on site,” says Kenneth Stenlund of Byggmix in Skellefteå.


Byggmix in Skellefteå has six employees and has been using Bidcon for a year. Kenneth Stenlund uses the program’s tendering function for all jobs, big or small, and says that he has more time and a better overview of the job since the company introduced Bidcon.

“It is easy to show the customer what he or she will actually get for the money. Bidcon also makes it easy to send quotations for material to sub-contractors,” says Kenneth Stenlund. Niklas Myhrgren of Norrmalms Bygg in Sundsvall also uses Bidcon to produce a basis for orders so as to be able to get the prices for the material quickly and easily.

“There are only four of us in the company and we mostly use the tendering and order functions. But if we grow we will doubtless start to use the templates for time reporting,” says Niklas Myhrgren.

Torbjörn Bergman of Dala Snickarservice thinks that all small companies today are more or less dependent on having a program of the Bidcon type. Things happen quickly in today’s industry and Bidcon’s functions help small companies to keep up.

“For me, Bidcon creates structure and order. This is a very good tool for knowing that you are on the right path in different projects,” says Torbjörn Bergman. Kenneth Stenlund and Niklas Myhrgren also say that it is worthwhile for small companies to invest in Bidcon.

“I used to sit here in the evenings, doing the calculations for a house for example. With all the templates in Bidcon, it’s done in forty minutes. That is a real difference,” says Kenneth Stenlund.

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