The dynamic image is valuable for Bygg & Konsult i Väst

Located in downtown Gothenburgh, you can find the construction company Bygg & Konsult I Väst AB. Since 1990 they have built new buildings and made renovations and alterations in all its forms and worked with construction and property services. Today they are much involved in cooperative construction called “Partnering”.

Partnering assignments

Most of the company’s clients today are local regular clients that come back with new assignments. Approximately 85% of the company’s orders are partnering assignments with open accounting. This means that you present your cost estimates and the summary sheet which gives the client full transparency and economic follow ups are done as the project progresses.

– The construction industry is a business built upon long traditions and long relations, and that is good. This means that we often are being asked to do the cost estimates for a construction project. Sometime we go through the Public Procurement Act and cost estimates different construction projects, but most of the time we are being approached by clients, says Mats Sevestedt who works with costing, purchase and project management.

Extensive experience of cost estimation, from Calc2000 to Bidcon

Mats has extensive experience from the construction business and from working with cost estimation. After working for a long time as a carpenter, He then studied construction techniques. Already in 1990 he started using the program Calc2000 that was the basis for present cost estimating program Bidcon.

– If Costing doesn’t work then the construction company doesn’t work either. Instruments are needed to be in control of the building process. It is also very difficult to make a payment plan if you don’t have an accurate instrument and has built your cost estimation in building parts. If you, on the other hand, build your cost estimation in building parts, you can easily monitor the building process as well as the estimated hours set aside within each part of the process and then you can do an export into your time planning.

The dynamic image in Bidcon very valuable

Mats is working every day with Bidcon and he always has two to four different estimates on the table at the same time.
Bidcon is very good! The program collects all that I work with in one menu-window. From there, I can easily, by altering the parameters, change a building part (for example an edge beam) so that it corresponds exactly to the drawing. When altering the parameters the image in Bidcon will also change. This makes everything very detailed, and it also makes it easy for me to see if I missed something. If we then are assigned to the job, it is easy to make a production estimate. It is just one “button pressing” from a tender to a production estimate and then i’m ready. This means that I save time that I can use to make advantageous purchases, says Mats.

Connection to other software and additional modules

In addition to Bidcon the company also works with Plancon for their project management and there is an export function between Bidcon and Plancon.

– I’m doing the cost estimation in Bidcon and then exports it over to Plancon. That way I bring both hours and parts of the building process and headers from the cost estimation to the time plan. Sometime I just want to make a main timetable to be offered together with the tender because the client wants to keep track of time schedules. Then the main time table is handed over to the site manager who will make necessary adjustments in it and then he can just rename it and call it a production plan where new items are added – electricity, pipes, vent and control, so that they are included.

The company has just recently bought the additional module “account management” for BidCon. With the help of this module you can put accounts to all resources in the main register, and this means you can do the same with your cost estimation. When your costing is complete, it is then easy to extract a budget, i.e the amount of money per account. This means that Bygg & Konsult can now monitor costs at a detailed level.

– Economy in a company is top priority. It is tremendously important that you are in control and can signal if something is wrong – Therefore it is crucial to have a good and thorough cost estimation.

Mats concludes by saying:
– The estimating program BidCon is so well developed and it includes everything that I need. I have actually never experienced any mishaps using it and I have never even needed to contact support for help.


Bygg och Konsult i Väst AB has since 1990 done everything from minor service work to major contracts. Clients include real estate companies, consultants, construction manager, preferably in industry, commerce and the public sector. The company is located in central Gothenburg. Today, about 40 employees and has a turnover of about 100 million. The company’s environmental, quality and safety certified. The owner of the company is Peter Eliasson.

Cooperation works / Partnering are a structured form of cooperation in the construction industry which is based on an open and trusting cooperation between the parties in a construction project.