Götenehus uses DDS-CAD all the way

For many years, Götenehus only used the architect part of DDS-CAD. However a while ago the company decided to also use the construction section so as to gain full benefit from the program.
“This minimises the number of transfers that users would otherwise have had to make. It also gives us a straighter information flow,” says Roger Wändal, MA manager at Götenehus.


House manufacturer Götenehus has been working with DDS-CAD since the early 1990s. Until recently however, they only used the A section of the program to create the house design drawings. The K section, in other words the production section, was still not taken up. In the autumn however, Roger Wändal contacted Elecosoft and explained that, after trying another solution for a time, they now wished to make full use of DDS-CAD.

“We knew that the system had become more developed and is well suited to our industry. Moreover, we already have all the house types entered in the A section, which makes it easier to connect up with the K section,” explains Roger Wändal.

According to Peter Boström, who is responsible for DDS-CAD at Consultec Arkitekter & Konstruktörer AB, using both parts of DDS-CAD is a form of quality assurance. All information about the building, all drawings and calculations that are entered in the A section, are automatically transferred over to the K section. There the program helps users with practically all calculations that are needed for the building’s continued processing. It can handle everything from dividing walls into different layers to demonstrating bolt locations and compiling cutting lists and then send the information directly from the program to the cutting processes.

“This saves a great deal of time and creates greater precision, because you can rely on the program to calculate exactly what needs to be done. For Götenehus to choose our total solution feels like proof that we are on the right path. In fact there is no other program that can take a house all the way from model to production in this way,” says Peter Boström.
DDS-CAD is owned and continuously developed by the Norwegian software supplier Data Design System. It has been customised for Götenehus’ needs and Elecosoft has trained the company’s staff.
“Götenehus will be able to control even more itself, make adaptations that suit it and have the opportunity to change various solutions. The program is adaptable enough to be changed according to needs and is very reliable. Elecosoft has been a dealer for this since the 1980s and it is a safe and effective total solution,” says Peter Boström.


Company: Götenehus
Number of employees: 190 in the group.
Business: Construction, manufacture and sale of detached houses.
Elecosoft programs used: DDS-CAD, Bidcon Bygg, Plancon.