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Holmströms Elektriska – IT solutions for full control

Greger Lundmark CEO Holmströms Elektriska

“Elecosoft has a good feel for development for us in the electrical sector. Thanks to that, they are able to make the right updates in the right place.”
So says Greger Lundmark, CEO of Holmströms Elektriska in Skellefteå with around 13 employees. The jobs vary in size: everything from small, quick installations to large projects worth several million. When he took over the company about a year ago, he had already been an employee for 26 years. In other words, it was an experienced man who gave his opinion of Elecosoft´s ability to offer programs that suit an electrical contractor like himself. Holmströms Elektriska have been using Bidcon EL for calculations and Sitecon for project management for a couple of years.

Time savings are an obvious advantage

“Above all I save a lot of time by using these programs. And since I take care of both calculations and work management myself, it is much easier to keep the projects in order.”
Greger Lundmark explains that he used to sit with lists and Excel documents, which obviously soon became very long-winded.

“Now I can quickly produce a calculation in Bidcon with both prices and working hours precisely defined, while I can keep the documents of each project in good order in the folder structure in Sitecon.”

No need to be a computer nerd

According to Greger Lundmark, the software is built up in a simple and logical way, which which makes things easier regardless of the user’s computer skills.
“If even a knucklehead like me can manage it, that really says it all,” he says with a smile.
Actually Greger was very familiar with computers at work, but he thinks that the user-friendly set-up is still a big advantage.

Effective support

Really, he only sees one development area for Elecosoft for the program, although it may not have been entirely seriously meant:
“That would be if you managed to do the job for us as well, but perhaps that will be the next thing for Elecosoft to develop!”
Greger Lundmark is very happy with how Elecosoft treats him as a customer, in terms of both support and continuous product development:
“They are always easy to deal with and their support function works very well. They also keep in touch with changes in the electrical sector and adapt their upgrades to meet the customer’s needs.”


Company: Holmströms Elektriska, which is part of Svenska Elkedjan AB
Number of employees: 13–15
Sales: Around SEK 20,000,000
Business: Electrical installations
Elecosoft programs used: Bidcon EL and Sitecon

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