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Reliable operation – hosted solution for Byggstruktur i Stockholm AB

Byggstruktur i Stockholm AB

Byggstruktur i Stockholm AB is a recently established building company that mainly works on large projects. It is a turnkey contractor of groups or areas of houses on their own plots or for house manufacturers. The company employs around 20 persons, who are hired in for the various projects. Byggstruktur currently has two owners, but a further two will be coming in soon.


One of the owners is Per Bohlin, who previously part-owned and worked in the family company Bohlins BMM AB. During his time at Bohlins BMM AB, Per worked with Sitecon, Bidcon and Plancon and saw the benefits and opportunities these programs gave, which is why he immediately bought the programs for Byggstruktur when the company started up. Per says that the programs help him to keep things in order and offer new opportunities.

“In Sitecon we have all our projects in the same place and all employees can find them wherever they are, and thanks to Bidcon I can quickly produce prices for jobs. Bidcon also opens up new possibilities, because I get the support I need to calculate jobs that I haven’t done before.”

As well as Sitecon and Bidcon, Per also works with Plancon. At the moment it is mainly the company’s annual plans and bigger projects he plans in Plancon, but he believes he could learn to use Plancon even more effectively and is considering taking training.

“In my experience, we profit from using a hosted solution because it costs a lot of money to maintain a server. Now I know that we always have a reliable solution with the latest program versions. We can work anywhere, from any computer, and don’t need to worry about losing any work or anything happening to the computer. It all works incredibly smoothly,” says Per Bohlin.The future looks bright for Byggstruktur i Stockholm AB. The market is positive and many projects are coming in. Per mentions the importance of keeping the competence that lies within the company as an important success factor, but has a positive view of the future.

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