Bidcon veterans – Ee Kalkyl has been with us all the way

There are companies that know Bidcon EL as well as Elecosoft itself. Take Ee Kalkyl in Eskilstuna for example. The company has been with us since the time of Bidcon’s forerunner and does around 300 calculations a year in the program. After 18 years in the business, Ee Kalkyl AB certainly has genuine experience of electrics calculations. To begin with, most of the customers were small electrical contractors, but over the years both the jobs and the customers have grown in size. Today the company’s main market is Greater Stockholm and Mälardalen and most of the customers are large project management companies. Over the years they have also done electrics calculations for Malmö University College and the bus station in Jokkmokk, for the Swedish Embassy in Thailand and a brewery in Kazakstan.

Self-perpetuating marketing

When CEO Arne Törnblom is asked what he thinks Ee Kalkyl’s strengths are, he gives a very uncomplicated explanation of the company’s success:
“The customers get what they want, and when they are happy with the product they come back. Because we have so many major projects every year, we obviously have enormous experience within the company and can deliver a good calculation quickly. The fact is that we don’t spend a penny on marketing; we benefit from our reputation being spread by word of mouth.”

Bidcon creates transparency

Ee Kalkyl in its current form was started in 1993 by Arne’s father Lennart Törnblom, as a branch of the Elanalys company in Gothenburg. Since the 1980s the company has used the dos-based forerunner ElKalk and later also ElWind. Arne Törnblom explains:
“We have really been with Bidcon and its forerunners all the way, both as users and through our involvement in the program’s development. I think the biggest advantage of Bidcon today is that it creates transparency. It is easy and clear to keep an overview of what you have done in a calculation!” Arne Törnblom also believes that Ee Kalkyl has always had a rewarding dialogue about improvements and adaptations of Bidcon.

Good dialogue on development points

“We do around 300 calculations a year in Bidcon of course, so naturally we are familiar with the program environment. It is therefore natural for us to offer suggestions for improvement and I think that Elecosoft is good at taking these on board. Since we went over to Bidcon, we have brought up about 70 development points and I think Elecosoft has taken up 50 of them. That must be a very good sign that they listen to us as users and customers,” says Arne Törnblom.


Company: Ee Konsult AB
Number of employees: 5
Sales: SEK 4 million
Business: Calculations for electrical contracts
Elecosoft programs used: Bidcon EL and Sitecon