Sidensjö elektriska AB – Long experience of Elecosoft

It is not only the really big companies in the construction industry who benefit from Consultecs software. Sidensjö electrical AB chose many years ago to start working in Bidcon and Sitecon. The company is an experienced electrical company with six employees that make both large and small assignments to both private and business customers.

A history of cooperation

Elecosoft acquired Elanalys data in Gothenburg in 2001. In connection with the acquisition could Elecosoft start offering spreadsheet program ElWind to customers. Sidensjö electrical AB was one of the companies that chose early on to get ElWind. Today, the company uses both Bidcon Electricity and Sitecon in their work with electrical installations.

The boys can make their time recording directly in the field

Sidensjö electrical AB was one of the first companies that started to use Sitecon Web when it was launched in 2007. The purpose was to be able to manage time reporting and management of work orders directly into the mobile, tablet or laptop. Before that any such project done manually.

The owner John-Erik Nordin says:

– The great advantage of the software is that the guys can make their time recording directly in the field and that it updates directly in your office. Another positive feature is that we get the material directly into the work order. Moreover, when it’s time for billing all documentation completed which facilitates the entire billing process. I am very pleased with the benefits the program brings in the work.

I never feel stupid

Elecosoft aims to provide support and service of a very high level. This is something that John-Erik believes that Consultec lives up to.

– I always find that the support service has worked well. When I call to Consultec it feels like we are on the same level, which is important. I never feel stupid and I can ask any question and we can have a good dialogue.

Sidensjö Electric AB has also taken note of the Consultecs ability to customized software solutions. Over the years, they have wanted some improvements and some of these have been possible to develop.


Company: Sidensjö elektriska AB
Employees: 6
Business: Electricity contractor
Consultec software used: Sitecon and Bidcon