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IT tools are a no-brainer for young, fast-expanding building contractors

Daniel Hultengren BEVAB


For many building contractors today, using IT solutions in their work is self-evident. Not least among those who are already computer users. A good example of this is Daniel Hultengren and his success with the building company BEVAB.

Started in 2007

When Daniel Hultengren started BEVAB in 2007, it did not take long before he decided to reap the benefits of IT-based tools. Being familiar with computers, in 2008 he bought Elecosoft´s Bidcon calculation tool and as the company grew, he added Sitecon and Plancon.

“At the moment we are working on being able to integrate software from Elecosoft with Hogia’s business system. When that is done, we will have a fully-integrated project and business system, which feels like yet another step forward.”

Positive prospects

Today, BEVAB employs ten carpenters and has a stable group of sub-contractors and hired workers. From the head office in Stenungsund, various kinds of building contracts are taken on, ranging from single family houses to new development areas. With the city of Gothenburg only a short distance away, BEVAB has developed well in its first years and sees a bright future ahead.

“The aim is to keep growing. By taking on more and bigger jobs, of course, but above all by recruiting more skilled and goal-oriented employees,” says Daniel Hultengren.

Measurability and follow-up

Daniel Hultengren believes that the benefits of using various IT tools will be a significant factor as the company grows in sales and employees.
“We save time and increase security in our work, and we can also handle a greater quantity of information. We have a powerful tool that both is user-friendly and makes project management easier.” He also believes that IT tools are important in the company’s work on measurability and follow-up, an area that BEVAB places great emphasis on.

“Of course that’s true. This is work that must permeate the whole company, so that we can maintain a high quality and live up to the customers’ requirements. We must be at the forefront when it comes to following up and response times, and that is where an integrated system is a must.”


Company: BEVAB, Byggentreprenad Väst AB
Number of employees: 10
Business: Building contractor
Elecosoft programs used: Sitecon, Bidcon and Plancon

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