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Consultec in partnership with Logiq and Evry


A partnership between Consultec ByggProgram AB and Logiq Sweden AB is simplifying the price flow between the building goods trade and its customers.

The calculation program Bidcon, which is a well-established tool for calculation work in the building industry, works with price and schedule formulae. In order to simplify and improve the opportunities for including supplier-specific price files in the program, Consultec and Logiq have produced a simplified price flow via the FINFO and Bidcon systems.

“For our customers in the building goods trade, this means that we are making their work easier by communicating relevant and correct price lists for their customers, the contractors. Another advantage is that the price lists are easier to interpret at item level. This is part of our work to constantly improve our structure for item information so as to meet future requirements,” says Lena Sundqvist, CEO of Logiq Sweden AB.

Producers of business systems can perform adaptations in their systems so as to be able to accept the improved price files from FINFO, where Bidcon’s structure is included. The first to do this is Evry, which is adapting its TRYGG/2000 system.

The simplified price flow means that calculation work in Bidcon is quicker and more correct. For Bidcon users in the building goods trade, this means that they can easily offer their customers calculations using prices aimed at the individual customer. Building goods distributors can also send out customised price lists to their customers the building companies, so that these customers can use their contract prices in Bidcon.

“For our Bidcon users, this will be a way of developing and refining their calculation work. Quite simply, the right price right away,” says Lars-Erik Einarsson, Sales Manager of Consultec Byggprogram AB

For more information:

Lena Sundqvist, CEO, Logiq Sweden AB, 070-547 77 25,
Lars-Erik Einarsson, ales Manager, Consultec ByggProgram AB, 070-564 85 62,

About Consultec

The Consultec group is a market leader in IT solutions for the building industry. The group includes the companies Consultec ByggProgram, Consultec Arkitekter & Konstruktörer and Consultec System. The group has 90 employees in Skellefteå, Umeå, Stockholm, Växjö, Linköping, Gothenburg and Eskilstuna. The Consultec group is owned by the British company Eleco Plc.

About Logiq

Logiq AS was founded in 1999 and is now a highly-visible and ambitious force in interaction and information logistics in the Nordic countries. Logiq has offices in Halden, Oslo and Stockholm. In December 2009, Logiq acquired the Swedish company FINFO Information AB.

About Evry

EVRY is the second-largest IT services company in the Nordic countries. EVRY’s 10,000 employees in 50 locations in the Nordic region deliver IT services every day to around 14,000 customers in both the public sector and private industry.

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