Eleco BIM Cloud brings new benefits  

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Eleco BIM Cloud brings new benefits

Consultecs BIM-solution is called Eleco BIM Cloud. All information about a project stored in a database in the cloud, and all stakeholders can have access to relevant and timely information. The Information can be uploaded and downloaded to Eleco BIM Cloud directly from software such as CAD, Bidcon and Powerproject. To be available to interpret this data the files use IFC standard.

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Benefit for the estimator and project manager

Most projects starts with a 3D CAD drawing, import it in to the Eleco BIM Cloud. The Information in the project will be shown in a built in BIM Viewer in Bidcon and Powerproject. The Viewer displays the project in a 3D model that can rotate and zoom. Each part of the model is clickable, where more information is displayed in detail. One major advantage of BIM is that information from all disciplines within the construction and installation industry can be handled in one place.

Save time and reduce errors of manual handling when importing selection (Quantity Postings) from the model in to your spreadsheet using the built in BIM browser in Bidcon. Choose from a variety of templates or create your own. When the import process is complete the Quantity Postings can be refined with data like costs, material, labor, codes etc. manually or using price books. Exporting all the added information and importing/updating the model in the Eleco BIM Cloud is done with just one button.

The Eleco BIM Cloud model now holds more information that is very useful when planning the project. Use Powerprojects built in BIM browser to extract data, create/plan the project and add even more information to the model in Eleco BIM Cloud. Create and play a 3D visualization of the build along its timeline, linked to project milestones and baselines.

Benefits for the client and architect

The architect usually holds more data about a building than the owner. Tailoring the building process by using BIM has several major advantages. The biggest may be that all involved actors always have relevant information available through the entire life cycle of the building. That means as much to the project owner and the calculator as for those who will manage the building long after the project is completed.

Coordination in both design and production will also be much more efficient with a BIM model. Using crash control (material, functions and labor) makes it is possible to avoid many amendments and additional works, which of course reduces cost and increases quality. It simply gets fewer errors with an active monitoring throughout the process.

Another important advantage is that the construction period can be shortened significantly. Although the design time may become somewhat longer than in a traditional construction process, it is compensated by shorter production time. And time is money especially in the construction industry.

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