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How mobile apps and wireless communication play a role in facilities maintenance


Advances in mobile technology mean that making phone calls is now only one of a mobile’s many uses and businesses in the FM sector are putting the technology to use by encouraging clients to download apps that can help to facilitate tasks such as maintenance and weather-related emergencies.

Michael McCullen, executive chairman for Asta Development says forward-thinking maintenance teams and firms seeking an edge over their competitors are always looking for more efficient ways of planning and managing their maintenance programmes. However, many neither identify with the concept of projects, and therefore fail to develop project management skills, nor take advantage of readily available project management tools, which could help in their quest for greater efficiency. They forget that almost all activities in business and operations can be broken down into projects.

“When one talks about ‘Projects’ people often think of large-scale transformations and implementations before they think of day-to-day routine activities. Yet, as productivity experts will tell us, any activity that has a start date, an end date and multiple steps in between in order to achieve a defined objective, is a project.

Project management is about ensuring the right amount of effort and resources are put into the right tasks, at the right time and cost, to get the job done by the desired deadline. It is not always obvious that this thinking can be applied to the upkeep of an asset like an air conditioning unit, which requires installation, then regular maintenance and may have parts or servicing requirements and activities associated with it over a long period of time. Maintaining it may require allocation of someone experienced with that specific model or equipment brand or someone with more generic knowledge for that type of equipment with access to specialist tools for specific models. Managing the lifecycle of that piece of equipment is, in effect, a project and can be planned and managed as such.

Project Management isn’t just about planning. It is also a process of tracking progress against a master plan, thereby enabling predictions to be made about how long the project will take to complete and at what cost.

It follows that when used in this way project management becomes a decision-support tool, enabling maintenance firms to decide if they can take on additional jobs with their existing workforce and resources and helping them to determine what additional resources are required.

Thus the use of project management tools and techniques will not only satisfy today’s business goal of improving operational efficiencies but is an invaluable aid when managing the ongoing profitable growth of a business.”

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