New Bidcon distribution partner in Singapore

Elecosoft management are pleased to announce its new Singaporean distribution partner, DK Outsource Ltd, for Bidcon® estimating software. This is consistent with Elecosoft’s strategy to make its market leading software available to an international audience.

Dennis Kwok at DK Outsource Ltd, comment on the partnership with Elecosoft;
“We are pleased to work with Elecosoft as it provides digital construction solutions that address the significant parts of a construction project. Elecosoft Bidcon with its scalable cost plans and 3D models can drive greater productivity and attain efficiency benefits. We are truly glad to be in partnership with Elecosoft. “

Tomas Marklund, International Sales Manager for Elecosoft says;
“Our opportunity to go international with Bidcon increases with DK Outsource as partner. They have experience with similar products and they have knowledge of the construction business in Singapore which places both companies in a good position to succeed through its partnership”

Dennis Kwok further commented on Bidcon and the market in Singapore;
“Bidcon allows us to define the way we want to work. It is flexible and has dynamic templates and reports that enable Builders and Consultants to identify the most cost-effective solutions and revise estimates accordingly. Bidcon is also available with a BIM option which gives a true 5D environment for costing and estimating.
The Singapore market has grown significantly in the adoption of BIM and BIM related software to enhance productivity. Prime target includes Builders, Consultants and Developers that need to comply with regulatory requirements as well as established firms that aspire to improve productivity and competitiveness.”

About DK Outsource
DK Outsource Ltd delivers value-added services to the members of the building and construction industry in affordable cost and project management. Cost-related services include tender measurements, development of cost estimates, and preparation of tender documents, re-measurements and final account finalization among others. Project management services include scheduling, site meetings, sourcing and negotiation among others.