Market-leading services for industrial construction

We supply DDS-CAD software, and so we also provide services to industrial builders in Sweden, including existing DDS-CAD customers needing extra resources to help them manage their workload and companies without their own design department. We can handle everything from building permits and visualisations in the Architect module, to production documents and cutting lists in the Production module. DDS-CAD is currently the market-leading industrial construction system in Sweden. We have around 110 customers in Sweden with a total of about 300 users. What’s unique about the program is that it supports the entire process from creating sketches to controlling production lines and cutting processes in the factory. We offer a range of services through DDS-CAD:

For architects

DDS-CAD Architect is a 3D planning tool with functions designed to make your work easier and more efficient. The menus, symbol library, descriptions and help system are all in Swedish. The Architect module reduces your workload and helps you work more creatively. It works with your normal thought processes, not against them. You can work your way through a project efficiently using menu options and mouse commands.

For designers and production

DDS-CAD Construction is a powerful tool that semi-automatically generates 2D and 3D drawings, including cutting lists and bills of materials. All necessary data is taken from the BIM model produced in DDS-CAD Architect or imported from other CAD software and processed in DDS-CAD. The operator is free to choose alternative design solutions and details. The program can show details, add numbers and create dimensions on the basis of these choices. Any necessary changes can be implemented interactively at any time. The design model is easy to display in DDS-CAD’s Ifc viewer, showing all joists, beams, panelling, battens, insulation and boards. You can also attach other modules such as ventilation, plumbing and electrics (if they are in Ifc format) and perform collision checks to ensure that no pipes run through structural elements like beams. You can generate clear drawings and you are free to decide which layers you want to print. A cutting list is also created for every element you create, and you can print out the combined cutting lists for the entire project.

We offer the following documents/services:

  • Plans, sections, facades (building permits)
  • Perspective, room models
  • Photorealistic images
  • Distribution list, list of quantities
  • Assembly plans
  • Details
  • Field lines from Landscape module
  • Site plan
  • Doors and windows
  • List of drawings
  • Plan drawings/joist floors
  • Joist plans
  • Roof plans/hatches
  • Wall/floor/roof elevations
  • Cutting lists generated for elements
  • Ifc export
  • Production control in wall/floor/roof production lines
  • Cutting, drilling and routing
  • Laser projection

And you are welcome to contact us to find out more about our design services.