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Software for the building and installation industry

Elecosoft is Sweden’s leading provider of IT tools for the construction and installation industry. We offer services that promote the sustainable construction of the future. Our software is designed to make your life easier and to make construction projects safer, more straightforward and more profitable. We are with you from the initial bid until the project is signed off.
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Everything for the construction process

Elecosoft has software for the entire construction process – tendering, estimating, CAD, design, sizing, time tracking and project planning. The software consists of standalone programs, but Elecosofts consistent BIM strategy means they can also communicate with each other, saving time and money.

For extra reassurance, all our customer coaches have extensive experience in your industry. Our software was developed by builders and installers for builders and installers.

BIM – the benefits of working together

Elecosoft software consists of standalone programs, which means you can add applications to meet your growing and changing needs. But the software also supports BIM – Building Information Modelling* – a process which the different programs use to communicate with each other for a more intelligent and cost-effective way of working. This means you will never have to do the same thing twice. And you can be confident about the input data.

* Also known as Building Information Management.


Our software

Elecosoft develops effective and user-friendly software for the construction industry and for the entire construction process. Well-known programs that helps you with project planning, CAD, cost estimating and project management. Our software are constantly evolving to meet customers’ needs, e.g the ability to talk to other software through BIM solutions. And there is more to come...


Design & production


A Eurocode-compliant sizing tool for steel and timber post and beam structures.


Design, sales and production software for stairs.


A complete CAD tool encompassing everything from sketches and production control on the basis of a model (BIM).

Project management


Project management software that binds all your projects together, supporting variation lists, logbooks, documents, etc.



An estimating platform with databases, templates and dynamic reports.

Project planning


Project management and risk analysis with schedules. You create straightforward professional schedules, which you then use to manage your project.


Our relations

It is useful to provide training regularly

I have worked with stairs since 1980 and I think it is a fascinating industry and product. Previously, the only requirements were that the stairs would meet the Swedish building code and be as cheap as possible, but today it is an important design element in a home. I work with the software Staircon which is a design program for the stairs. Installation, support and training belongs to my work tasks and it\'s rare that I go home without having learned something new! Replacing the construction software is a big change for a company and it is important that they get good help with the installation and to get started. Moreover, it is useful to provide regular training to optimize the use and display new features. When I visit customers, I study how they work in order to provide suggestions and fine tune. For me it is interesting to see how the customer works and how they can work better and faster thanks to Staircon.

Jan Arvidsson, Customer Coach Staircon


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Staircon at the exhibition Trädagars in September

Welcome to meet us at Trädagars. During the exhibition, the Staircon team will show how to visualize the stair in 3D for the end customer and how to generate production […]

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