Combining software to your advantage

Efficient processes

Our software solutions are effective when used standalone, but when combined with other Elecosoft software our customers streamline their information and workflow even more.

Through the various phases of a construction project information needs to be constantly updated, communicated to different people within an organisation and to external stakeholders or suppliers.

Our software portfolio was developed and designed to communicate with each other – either through integrations, export or other smart solutions to simplify everyday life for you as a customer. We understand that customers often a required use a range of tools and software products, so we enable connections to our software. Customers save time by using our software together with other suppliers’ software to maintain a single view of a project.

The trio for calculation, planning and project management

For construction and installation management we offer a powerful trio of software products Bidcon, Powerproject and Memmo, that when combined support operational and strategic management. With smart connections, customers use the same data as a basis for estimation, planning and project management. Importing data from your Bidcon estimate for planning in Powerproject and then administer change requests in Memmo using a connection with Bidcon. Using this set of products there is no need to enter the same data in twice or three times in different software, it all connects.

Quantity takeoff in Bluebeam Revu and estimate in Bidcon

Another example of an appreciated and effective combination is the integration between Bluebeam Revu and Bidcon. This connectivity enables quantity take-offs from digital drawings in Bluebeam Revu to be used as a basis for the estimate in Bidcon. It minimises the risk of manual errors and contributes to further time savings.