Whether you’re talking about tenders, production estimates or administrative processes, the important thing is to find the most cost-effective solutions that meet the specified requirements. Bidcon helps you do this and much more, offering real support as you work on estimating. Our large databases are being progressively expanded to cover all aspects of construction.

Bidcon Climate Module

The estimating program for small and large companies

Bidcon benefits:

  • Quick and easy to create a structured and detailed cost estimations
  • Extensive price books with possibility to create own (custom) recipes
  • Easy to adjust the contents of the spreadsheet records by the conditions that apply to your project
  • Different Sheets with alternative views and Summaries
  • Import and Export BOQ, price requests and BIM objects (Quantity postings)
  • Codes, Accounts and Material groupings to assist selections
  • Security levels as well as User levels that are customizable.
  • The maintenance contract includes free access to support during office hours and free software updates
  • We offer open training at several locations or completely customized training for your company to you as quickly as possible to get the benefit of Bidcon.

Wide range of functionalities

Bidcon English Standard – consists of estimation explorer, reference books (price book library), spreadsheets and summary sheets.

Import and Export, Price requests, importing BOQ with structures and BIM functionality as well as predefined and customizable reports/printouts is available.

Global search and filter, Codes for production or structure and Accounts/material grouping can be used to simplify all stages of estimating.

Security levels with user management of groups and/or individual customizable rights/settings for both program and estimations.

More advanced features like Production Phase and Travel Solution, Multi Estimation, Locations and Cost Control is currently only available in Sweden.

Cost library

Reference books are different libraries of Mixed Elements (ME), Design Element (DE), Production Results (PR), Resources (RES) and Articles from Vendor Pricelists. These dictionaries contain predefined recipes that can be easily adjusted in the estimation. The pane Favorites is the users own shortcuts to ME, DE, PR, RES and Vendors pricelists and can be organized, with own structure, to achieve quick and easy access.

Structured price libraries

Mixed Elements (ME) is per definition a typical room, space or area, consisting of one or more Design Element (DE) or Production Results (PR) – Not in standard edition

Design Element (DE) is complexed recipes or functions, consisting of one or more production results (PR).

Production Results (PR) is Basic recipe or activity consisting of different types of Resources such as Labour, Material or Subcontractor with time consumption and costs.

Resource (RES) is the basic elements in the estimation. Resources can be of different types such as Plant/machines (P), materials (M), Labour (L), Subcontractors (SC), Officers/officials (O), Information (I), tendered Subcontractor [SC], tendered materials [M] and Adjustment (J).

An Article is a specific product that can be linked to a material resource, this pane also contains imported Vendor Price Lists, discount letters and supplier information is accessed.
– Not in standard edition

Customized spreadsheet views

In the Estimation explorer there are both current and previously saved estimations. Depending on the configuration of BidCon, the function is different. Estimations saved in the database, which we recommend, will always be opened in the Explorer where you can see or hide all estimations, closed or opened. File-based estimations will only be shown in the explorer if they are opened.

All postings are placed in an Estimation Sheet. Most postings that a project should contain are entered into the Net Sheet.

Postings related to expenses regarding the project can be entered in a separate Tender Sheet. Expenses (such as production costs) can be entered in the Expense Sheet, often used as template.
– Not in standard edition

Object Summary is a sheet where all active entries are summarized and can be adjusted regarding the various resources/articles prices etc.

In the Summary transferred values / ratios from the estimations sheets can be added more information (calculations, key figures) to retrieve a tender sum. Use predefined or customize with Excel.

Calculating the environmental
impact on buildings can be easy

The Bidcon Climate Module allows fast and effective
climate and cost estimations

Climate Module

klimatmodulCalculating the environmental impact on buildings can be easy

The Bidcon climate module, for the Swedish market, allows fast and effective climate and cost estimations. Bidcon users are able to automatically generate entire climate estimate reports for buildings without any additional work. The new functionality is a result of the combination of Bidcon’s climate estimate functionality and a climate database created by Tyréns, Sweden’s largest construction and environmental consultancy.
As a Bidcon user you do not have to connect each material used with the right emissions factor in order to get a value for both cost and climate impact, as it will be automatically calculated. You can simply input alternative solutions and quickly get comparable values for both cost- and climate data.


Benefits with Bidcon climate module

  • The actual quantities of the building form the basis for the climate calculation, while other software in the market today often works with key figures.
  • Bidcon’s calculation engine makes it possible to show the climate impact from more dimensions compared to traditional LCA tools. (Code structures, locations, cost, time, etc.).
  • By comparing the climate impact value side by side to cost and time, you get relevant information to make your choice of materials in a building.



With Bidcon Climate module, the calculation result is supplemented with values for climate impact in CO2. The values are added to the reference book’s resources which then radiate into the higher recipe levels in Bidcon, PR and BDT. This makes it easy for the users to overview the value of the climate impact next to the cost of the calculated item and based on these parameters optimize the calculation and get good support for decision making. The result of the climate impact can be shown as a pie chart, a bar chart and as a value in the spreadsheet reports.

Data Bidcon climate module

Data used in the Bidcon Climate module is generated by Tyrén’s LCA group. The basic emission factors, for example, the major types of concrete, steel, aluminum and wood are taken from the Ecoinvent database. Other input data is taken from official literature, research studies, other databases as well as from their own development and work on the first EPD for an entire building. All data comply with SS-EN 15804 standard.


Adapted for stage A1-A5

In the Bidcon climate module, we mainly refer to generic climate data available in the market. The climate module is, so far, only avaliable in Sewden for discipline Construction and discipline Civil Enginering. Climate data is available for a sprecific selection of resources in these recipe databases, where we focus on the resources that are the most climate-impacting and that are taken into account in the calculation processes available on the market today. The ambition is to provide supplier-specific EPDs in the future. The values contained in the climate module reflect stage A1-A3 (Production of materials), A4 (Transport) and A5 (Production).

Bidcon Connect

View estimates directly in the web browser
Upload your estimates to the cloud with Bidcon Connect. Using this add-on module, you allow authorized users to view estimates directly in the web browser, without having Bidcon installed.

Filter, sort, and group
In the web browser there are two views: Estimation Sheets and Object Summary. Here you easily get an overview by filtering, sorting and grouping the estimation data.

  •  Estimation Sheets view – shows all postings in a project, including Tender sheet and Prelims sheet.
  •  Object Summary view – the various resources / articles are summarized here.


When only one user needs the software. Intended for installation on a local computer. The license can be moved between different computers.

When multiple users wants to share the software from your own company server environment. The program is installed on either a server or computer and the license on a central server.

A safe rental solution for using our software, regardless of whether it concerns single or multiple users and are suitable for both small and large companies. It’s easy to get started and you do not have to contact an external IT consultant or IT department – all you need is a device with internet connection, install the driver and log in to start working. The connection speed requirements are low and it works well with, for example GPRS and 3G.
Elecosoft guarantees a reliable server environment where backup are made several times a day and we also handle all software updates that you automatically get access to. You avoid investment costs in favor of a fixed monthly fee and the software allows everyone in your company that uses the program to share the same information quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are. This increases accessibility and facilitates for the mobile office.