Memmo is a cloud-based project management software providing a coherent link in all your projects. It enables users to register variation lists, keep a diary and view files directly in the smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The solution is designed to provide the best possible support for different kinds of project managers, craftsmen, site managers and supervisors in both small and large companies.

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Cloud Project Management

Memmo is a cloud-based project management software that
gives you easy access to project information, no matter where you are.

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    Project management

    Create and manage projects, roles and / or people.

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    Document management

    Manage, edit and share files directly through Memmo using Office 365.

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    Compile and manage deviations and variations that appears during the course of the projekt.

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    Project diary

    Handle notes, pictures and registration of workforce on site.

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    Register time on your project via your mobile phone, tablet or computer and generate reports.

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    Work orders

    Register work orders, compile costs, and produce invoice data.

Collaborate with other software and external parties

Integrate with other software

Memmo can be integrated with a selection of other software to simplify your everyday life and streamline your work, including: Bidcon for estimation and spreadsheets, Microsoft Office 365 for document management and Fortnox for invoicing

Invite external parties to collaborate in Memmo

The flexible authorisation settings allow you to invite external partners to work on a specific project within Memmo. Function-level permission management allows you to easily create groups that have unique access to their assigned functions within the software.
Project specific rights provide the opportunity to further allocate rights to individual projects.

Cloud-based project management software with many functions

Memmo is Elecosofts latest project management system that gives you easy access to secured information from the cloud. A cost-effective service for project managers in the construction and installation industry, where you can easily access important information wherever you are.

Project diary
Memmo has an inbuilt, intuitive diary that manages notes, pictures, and registration of your onsite workforce and attach documents.


Manage and register your project variations in Memmo during the project. Link documents and images to the variation and quickly record the changes with the decision log. For Bidcon users the variations module has an estimation function


Document management
Save any file type, including emails to and from different contacts. Create customisable document labels linked to files for simplified search. Set a status for documents to easily see what is completed or outstanding. Memmo files can easily be shared with external parties outside of the software and use Microsoft Office online to view, edit and save files.


Project templates
Create new projects using templates that form the basis of your new projects and ensure that no documents are missing during the project. Predefined project organisation makes it clear who is doing what in the project.

Work order
Create work orders and complete detailed information on what to do, as well as the time and place for the work to be finished. Compile costs that are included in the work order to use as invoice data for the customer invoice.


Using the timesheet feature staff time recording can be input outside of the office from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Register time on your project and generate a report in the simplest way possible.


Customer and supplier register
Using the unified register for all contacts in Memmo users always have the contact information available. Easily create new roles and business categories that can be linked to companies or people to make it even more efficient to find the information you need. The information is accessed and then used by all other modules in the program. Save a lot of time by only entering the information once.

Cloud computing

It is easy to get started in Memmo, simply connect to the internet to start working. You don’t need support from external IT consultant or your IT department.

As a cloud software, there is no investment cost, instead you get a fixed monthly cost and a solution that allows everyone at your company who uses the software to access the same information quickly and efficiently. Memmo gives you the freedom to work either from a tablet, directly on your phone or at a computer all connected to the same information

Memmo is constantly evolving and subscribers get access to new versions and features automatically.

Training - get more out of your cloud-based tool

We provide training for all our software so that you quickly can learn about the features and make the most out of your investment. In addition to our software courses we can offer training in, among other things, estimating methods. Our training centres are located across Sweden or we can provide training within customer office locations or online.

Training in Memmo

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